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 	4 out of 5 ★
4.1 out of 5 based on 118 reviews
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 	5 out of 5 ★
November 2, 2017


Reliable! Affordable
 	5 out of 5 ★
October 4, 2017

Very Good!

Very Good, pode acreditar que a eficiência e total!
 	5 out of 5 ★
October 1, 2017
Daniel M

Really satisfied

I've been using LigaProBrasil services for years and I'm really satisfied.
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 25, 2017
Debora Castro

Never had any problems with it.

Never had any problems with it.
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 5, 2017
Glen Thomas

Awesome quick service

Awesome quick service
 	4 out of 5 ★
August 22, 2017
Saumya Kulshrestha

Quick service and cordial staff..highly …

Quick service and cordial staff..highly recommended. Only found one querry against limit of debit cards accepted for payment. Many a times i see "Payment declined by bank"
 	5 out of 5 ★
August 20, 2017
Alcir Cabral

Good rates to Brasil

Good rates to Brasil, good call clarity
 	5 out of 5 ★
August 5, 2017

The best company in this field

Excellent job. Communication is clear. Never once I lost communication through Liga. A very honest company. A pleasure doing business with you.
 	5 out of 5 ★
August 2, 2017
Maria Peralta

Fast and quick

Fast and quick Trust
 	5 out of 5 ★
July 19, 2017
billy messer

Very easy and fast thanks

Very easy and fast thanks
 	5 out of 5 ★
May 24, 2017
Marcia Costa

Never had a disappointment

Never had a disappointment. Easy to add hours and to use. Thanks.
 	5 out of 5 ★
May 18, 2016
Robson Pereira


Highly recommend LigaProBrasil, I use to call my mum, who lives in Brazil, I live in the UK, she lives in the countryside where the phone connection is not very good, but when we tried LigaProBrasil for the first time in many years we could talk for hours, and is also very cheap to call her.
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 18, 2016
Flavio Franco

Happy to support LigaProBrasil

Excellent service !! Our communication with family and friends in Brazil became easy with LigaProBrasil !! We, a Brazilian family living in England, strongly recommend LigaProBrasil !!
 	5 out of 5 ★
January 8, 2016

The best

Used for more than 3 yers i never had any complain
 	5 out of 5 ★
October 4, 2015
W. Ray

Super card!!!

Best phone card ever. And I've tried many before, many were good, but not even close to this one. The rates are exactly what they post, no extra or hidden fees. The quality of the calls are great, super clear, and the calls connect fast. Very happy I found this card!!!!
 	5 out of 5 ★
July 20, 2015

Ok ok

Perfect... ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 	5 out of 5 ★
April 25, 2015

Great company-great prices!

We have been purchasing all our calling cards through LigaProBrasil for several years. They have been able to answer any questions I have, help if I have a problem, and have provided exceptional service. We are very happy with this company.
 	5 out of 5 ★
April 6, 2015
ligprobrasil user

Good Service

I've being using the service for a while and never had a problem with it. Buying minutes (I buy $2 worth) is instantaneously for immediate use and quality of calls are outstanding.
 	5 out of 5 ★
April 1, 2015
Aleco Klidaras

Satisfaction Guaranted

Good company,very helpful personnel for any kind of inquiries and the best prices in the industry. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB !
 	5 out of 5 ★
April 1, 2015
Antonia Brasted

The best affordable way to call Brazil.

I have been using LigaProBrasil for a few years, I am not aware if any other system that provides clear connection for such a good price. If you are using other systems you know what I mean. Try LigaProBrasil you won't regret it.